Right hand panoramic view of my layout with a little bit more light. Here you can see a part of the mountain construction for the middle mountain which will be connected with a Pola bridge to the Sindelfingen Klein Station, of which the next set of pictures show some detail.

This shows a part of the loading doc with the wood storage building, a hand operated loading crane. The two guys unloading the truck are cutting up, at least you can see on the truck drivers face that he is thinking:

I hope they get this done so I can go on home.


The girl on the bike is taking a left turn towards the level crossing.

Here you see a little bit closer of what I am talking about.

This is the continuation of the Klein Station Sindelfingen.

The conductor seems to be calling every one to meat the train ariving in the next few minutes.


Here is the Girl on the bicle again, leaning into the left turn.

On the bus stop some people are waiting to be taking into the city.

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